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At the Top

On Wednesday, January 12, over 160 people gathered for the Department of Surgery’s 2nd Annual Research Summit at the Epicenter in Verona. Keynote addresses by Paul Lambert, PhD, Professor of Oncology at McArdle Laboratory and Jeffrey Drebin, MD, PhD, Chair of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, focused on translating science to clinical practice. Craig Kent, MD, presented progress made (PowerPoint | PDF) in the Department of Surgery’s research strategic initiatives and gave a funding update.

Seventy-one researchers presented posters and 4 awards were given: Dr. Marie Stelzer, a general surgery resident working in the lab of Paul Lambert, won the James Southard Translational-Clinical Award for her work on rapamycin inhibiting anal cancer; Gopika Nair, a graduate student in Jon Odorico’s lab won the James Southard Basic Science Poster Award for her work modeling pancreas development in embryonic stem cells; Dr. Cathy Rasmussen, Assistant Scientist in Lynn Allen-Hoffman’s lab won the non-student Layton Rikkers, MD Translational-Clinical Award for her work on stratified squamous epithelia from human embryonic stem cell-derived keratinocytes; and Ankit Agarwal, a research associate in the College of Engineering, won the non-student Layton Rikkers, MD Basic Science Poster Award for work on integrating nanometer-thick polymer films containing silver-nanoparticles in wound beds. Dr. Rikkers and Dr. Southard were present and recognized for their work supporting research for many years in the Department. Nadine Connor, PhD and Gregory Kennedy, MD, PhD are to be commended for their outstanding job as Program Co-Chairs.


Dr. Timothy King, Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery and Pediatrics, has been selected as a finalist for the Association for Academic Surgery 2011 Joel J. Roslyn Award for his proposal entitled “The Use of Notch Mediating Compounds to Improve Cutaneous Wound Healing.” This award is intended to give early-career research support to junior faculty members by providing funding for clinical or basic laboratory research.

Clinical Achievements

Dr. Jon Matsumura is featured in a Fox 47’s Health News video on a new surgical procedure at UW Health for a minimally invasive approach to remove an abdominal aneurysm.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Muthusamy Kunnimalaiyaan and Dr. Takushi Kohmoto received awards in the 2010-2011 Round II academic staff professional development grant competition. Dr. Kunnimalaiyaan will attend the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting and Dr. Kohmoto will attend a workshop on transcatheter valve therapies with transseptal puncture and LAA closure with funds provided by the graduate school. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System