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At the Top

Dr. Kent shared a letter he received from Harvey Fineberg, MD, PhD, the President of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) in which he shares that Gretchen Schwarze, an IOM Anniversary Fellow, has made significant contribution to their Study of Geographic Variation in Health Care Spending and Promotion of High-Value Care. Dr. Fineberg states “this highly conceptually and methodologically complex study took full advantage of Gretchen’s exceptional clinical expertise and analytical, broad mind. He goes on to say “due to her reliability and unique added value, Gretchen has been appointed to two sub-committee workgroups where she has been fundamental to shaping the theoretical and technical foundations of the Geographic Variations study…. She is an outstanding example of who we envisioned bringing to our table when we launched this program.” Thank you Dr. Schwarze for representing us with distinction!


Cliff Cho received the 9th percentile on his VAH merit award titled “Preclinical Optimization of Melanoma Adoptive T Cell Immunotherapy.” He will receive almost $200,000 per year for five years. Awesome accomplishment!

Clinical Kudos

Congratulations to Brad Manning, Gretchen Schwarze, Becky Sippel, David Upton and Emily Winslow. These five surgeons were honored with the First 2012 UW Health Patient Experience Physician Champion Award. The award went to 38 physicians of the 769 physicians being surveyed by Avatar in 2011. It recognizes exemplary communication skills, including demonstration of empathy and concern and support of patient partnership.

Honors and Awards

Gretchen Schwarze’s paper is a feature article in this month’s Annals of Surgery and Caprice Greenberg’s paper just posted online ahead of print as a feature article. Both have fabulous editorials about the importance of the work. Link to Dr. Schwarze’s paper here and Dr. Greenberg’s here.

Surgery was well represented at the recent AAMC Early Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar from July 7-10 in Potomac, MD. Drs. Emily Winslow, Heather Neuman, and Ann O’Rourke were amidst the limited number of attendees accepted into the program this year. This was the largest contingent from any one program. The program targets young physicians and Ph.D. scientists considering leadership positions and provides an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to follow the path to leadership in academic medicine. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System