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Fourteen-year-old Aviva was exhausted prior to her first high school final exams. Her family thought it was mononucleosis. Tests revealed liver disease serious enough to require a transplant.

Anthony M D’Alessandro, MD, Professor of Surgery, University of Wisconsin, discusses Aviva’s remarkable journey and the important role of experience in performing live liver donations which comes from the collective experience of his team at UW who have performed over 1,600 liver transplants. “Everyone has to do their little part perfectly or we won’t get the results we’ve experienced – and that’s what comes from having a long-term multidisciplinary liver transplant team in these situations”, says Dr. D’Alessandro.

Click here to watch Aviva’s remarkable story unfold.

Pediatric Transplantation at the American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin, has gained international recognition for leadership in transplant surgery.

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