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As a means of promoting awareness of head and neck cancers and identifying potential areas of suspicions for concerned patients, Timothy M McCulloch, MD, and his UW Hospital and Clinics ENT colleagues conducted free oral cancer screenings at the UW Hospital and Clinics Otolaryngology/ENT Clinic on April 26.

These quick and pain-free screenings have helped our doctors go on to find thyroid cancers and even advanced stage IV cancers of the oral cavity. In 2012, of the 155 individuals that came for the free cancer screenings, 8 percent were identified as having suspicious screening findings. This year, 153 people were screened. Eleven of these people had suspicious results and were recommended to follow up with an ENT doctor at a later date.

According to Dr. McCulloch, being aware of head, neck, and oral cancer is important because people are not always proficient at identifying worrisome symptoms. The best thing patients can do for themselves is to catch any signs of cancer early on.

To learn more about this annual event, please click here.

For more information about head and neck cancers and the Head and Neck Cancer Program at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, please click here.

A big thank you to the following UW Surgery Faculty and Staff for volunteering their time to ensure a successful event:

Ashley Fenske, NP
Brad Mons, DO
Brian Gartrell, MD
Dylan Lippert, MD
Erinn White, MD
Gregory Hartig, MD
Ian Koszewski, MD
Seth Dailey, MD
Shane Gailushas, MD
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