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Authors Afifi AM, Alghoul M, Zor F, Kusuma S, Zins JE
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Journal Aesthet Surg J Volume: 32 Issue: 2 Pages: 151-6
Publish Date 2012 Feb
PubMed ID 22328686

Corrugator resection is an integral part of periorbital rejuvenation and can be accomplished through the open coronal, endoscopic, or transpalpebral technique. While most authors concur about the importance of corrugator resection during brow lift surgery, considerable debate remains regarding the efficacy and technical ease of muscle resection with these approaches.The authors conducted a cadaver study to compare the completeness of resection of the corrugator muscle with the transpalpebral and endoscopic techniques.A split-face study was performed in 10 fresh cadavers. On one side, the corrugator muscle was resected through an endoscopic approach, and on the opposite side of the face, a transpalpebral resection was performed. After the completion of both procedures, a coronal incision was made; gross observations were noted; photographs were taken; and muscle weights were recorded.In 19 of 20 cadaver halves, subtotal or total resection of the corrugator muscle was accomplished. In only one endoscopic instance was any muscle left in continuity. This occurred along the superior aspect of the arcus marginalis release when the corrugator muscle was hidden by the upper edge of the cut periosteum.Unlike the previous reports, the authors found that transpalpebral and endoscopic techniques both allow subtotal or total resection of the corrugator muscle. Inadequate resection is technique dependent rather than procedure dependent. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System