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Authors Goel SA, Guo LW, Liu B, Kent KC
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Journal Cardiovasc. Res. Volume: 96 Issue: 3 Pages: 363-71
Publish Date 2012 Dec 01
PubMed ID 22918976
PMC ID 3500049

It has been appreciated over the past two decades that arterial remodelling, in addition to intimal hyperplasia, contributes significantly to the degree of restenosis that develops following revascularization procedures. Remodelling appears to be an adventitia-based process that is contributed to by multiple factors including cytokines and growth factors that regulate extracellular matrix or phenotypic transformation of vascular cells including myofibroblasts. In this review, we summarize the currently available information from animal models as well as clinical investigations regarding arterial remodelling. The factors that contribute to this process are presented with an emphasis on potential therapeutic methods to enhance favourable remodelling and prevent restenosis.

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