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Authors Burke JF, Chen H, Gosain A
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Journal Semin. Pediatr. Surg. Volume: 23 Issue: 2 Pages: 66-70
Publish Date 2014 Apr
PubMed ID 24931350
PMC ID 5358506

This review of parathyroid surgery in children will briefly discuss parathyroid gland embryology and anatomy before focusing on the pathophysiology, clinical presentation, and treatment of hyperparathyroidism in children. Hyperparathyroidism (HPT) is the overproduction of PTH and it is rare in children, with an incidence of 2-5 per 100,000. This rarity means that the principles of caring for children with parathyroid disease are largely extrapolated from the richer adult experience; however, the unique pediatric aspects of parathyroid problems and their surgical treatment, including presentation, imaging, operative approach, and complications, will be considered.

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