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Authors Gannon SJ, Law KE, Ray RD, Nathwani JN, DiMarco SM, D'Angelo AD, Pugh CM
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Journal J. Surg. Res. Volume: 206 Issue: 2 Pages: 466-471
Publish Date 2016 Dec
PubMed ID 27884344

This study sought to compare general surgery research residents’ survey information regarding self-efficacy ratings to their observed performance during a simulated small bowel repair. Their observed performance ratings were based on their leadership skills in directing their assistant.Participants were given 15┬ámin to perform a bowel repair using bovine intestines with standardized injuries. Operative assistants were assigned to help assist with the repair. Before the procedure, participants were asked to rate their expected skills decay, task difficulty, and confidence in addressing the small bowel injury. Interactions were coded to identify the number of instructions given by the participants to the assistant during the repair. Statistical analyses assessed the relationship between the number of directional instructions and participants’ perceptions self-efficacy measures. Directional instructions were defined as any dialog by the participant who guided the assistant to perform an action.Thirty-six residents (58.3% female) participated in the study. Participants who rated lower levels of decay in their intraoperative decision-making and small bowel repair skills were noted to use their assistant more by giving more instructions. Similarly, a higher number of instructions correlated with lower perceived difficulty in selecting the correct suture, suture pattern, and completing the entire surgical task.General surgery research residents’ intraoperative leadership skills showed significant correlations to their perceptions of skill decay and task difficulty during a bowel repair. Evaluating resident’s directional instructions may provide an additional individualized intraoperative assessment metric. Further evaluation relating to operative performance outcomes is warranted. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System