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2004 ASPS Reception

Photographs are from the 2004 UW Alumni Reception at the ASPS Meeting in Philadelphia.

The Recent ASPS meeting in Philadelphia was attended by UW Faculty members Dr. Michael Bentz, Dr. Karol Gutowski, Dr. Delora Mount and Dr. Venkat Rao. In addition, both chief residents, Dr. Mary Snyder and Dr. Stephen Delatte attended. The meeting was very insightful and informative with focus on post-bariatric (gastric bypass) body recontouring, aesthetic procedures (including Botox and Restylane) and breast reconstruction, with emphasis on long-term reconstructive and aesthetic surgical outcomes. Concurrent with the ASPS meeting, a specialized curriculum for Plastic Surgery Nurses was attended by our nurses, Donna Clift-Prew, RN OR Nurse, Rachel Taylor, RN, Plastic Surgery Ward Head Nurse, and Christine Hallett, RN, Plastic Surgery Clinic Nurse.



Philadelphia provided an elegant and history-rich city for the meeting. Attendees toured Constitution Hall, the Liberty Bell Building, and the Rodin and Mütter Museums.


Attendance at the annual UW-Madison Alumni Event was down from last year, but was enjoyed by all at the Marriott Convention Center. Of special note, the division would like to recognize the generous contribution of UW Alumnus Dr. William and Sarah Strinden (class of 1988) who are generously supporting Chief Resident Dr. Stephen Delatte’s travel to Nicaragua for the biannual Plastic Surgery Service Trip. Each year, two teams including the Chief Residents travel to Nicaragua for an educational exchange with the Nicaragua Plastic Surgery Division at Universidad Nacional Autonaoma de Nicaragua, Unan-Leon, under the direction of Dr. Gustave Herdocia. This 10-day trip which focuses heavily on repair of cleft lip and palate is the highlight of the chief year. Thank you again Dr. and Mrs. Strinden.

Next year’s meeting will be in Chicago, IL. See you there on Monday evening for the UW Alumni Reception.





  1. Dr. Venkat Rao & Dr. Michael Bentz, UW Faculty members
  2. Dr. & Mrs. William Strinden, class of 1988, Rachel Taylor RN, ward nurse for F6/6, Christine Hallet, RN Plastic Surgery Clinic nurse.
  3. Dr. Jorge Palacios & Wife Maria Delia
  4. Constitution Hall
  5. Liberty Bell
  6. George Washington
  7. Dr. Karol Gutowski, UW Faculty with Chief Residents Dr. Mary Snyder and Dr. Stephen Delatte along with wife Mrs Gwen Delatte.
  8. Deb O’Malley, assistant to Dr. Bentz, Dr. Tom McFadden, year of 2001, and Dr. Mark Kiehn
  9. Dr. Mark Kiehn, class of 2003
  10. Dr. Aras Tijunelis, class of 2000
  11. Dr. William Strinden, class of 1988 along with Dr. Jeffrey Chapman, class of 1994.