University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: 24 department surgeons named 2015-2016 Best Doctors in America

The Best Doctors in America organization continuously surveys thousands of leading physicians across the country to identify the most skilled specialists treating complex medical conditions. More than 200 UW physicians were included on this elite list, which represents the top 5 percent of the nation’s practicing board-certified physicians. Only those physicians who earn the consensus support of their peers as well as meet additional qualification criteria are included.

The following is a list of the 24 University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery physicians who were named 2015-2016 Best Doctors in America:
Charles Acher, MD
Michael Bentz, MD
Seth Dailey, MD
Anthony D’Alessandro, MD
Nilto de Oliveira, MD
Eugene Foley, MD
Michael Garren, MD
Bruce Harms, MD, MBA
Gregory Hartig, MD
Diane Heatley, MD
Charles Heise, MD
Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD
K. Craig Kent, MD
Takushi Kohmoto, MD, PhD
Lucian Lozonschi, MD
Benjamin Marcus, MD
Jon Matsumura, MD
Timothy McCulloch, MD
J. Scott McMurray, MD
Jon Odorico, MD
Venkat Rao, MD, MBA
John Siebert, MD
Hans Sollinger, MD, PhD
Sharon Weber, MD