University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: 36 Department of Surgery faculty members named “top doctors”

Thirty-six surgeons from the University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery have been named to various “top doctors” lists in the last 12 months, including U.S. News Top Doctors, (a new, searchable directory that lists peer-nominated physicians around the country), Best Doctors® in America and Madisons Magazine’s Top Docs.

“This list recognizes what we already know – that the UW-Madison medical faculty includes some of the top doctors in the nation,” said Dr. Jeffrey Grossman, CEO of UW Medical Foundation, the University of Wisconsin doctors’ group practice. “I’m happy to congratulate so many of my colleagues on this recognition.”

The accolades span the various specialties within the Department of Surgery and include veteran experts in their respective fields and junior faculty members who are developing novel treatments options for surgical patients.

“Patient care is the cornerstone of everything that we do at our school,” added UW School of Medicine and Public Health Dean Dr. Robert Golden, “and it’s gratifying that so many of our physicians have received this recognition.”

Charles W Acher, MD
Michael E Becker, MD
Seth H Dailey, MD
Herbert Chen, MD
Lee D Faucher, MD
Eugene F Foley, MD, FACS
Michael J Garren, MD
Bruce A Harms, MD
Gregory K Hartig, MD
Clifford S Cho, MD
Anthony M D’Alessandro, MD
Nilto De Oliveira, MD,
Luis A Fernandez, MD
Charles N Ford, MD N Ford, MD
Judith N Green, MD
Diane G Heatley, MD
Gregory D Kennedy, MD, PhD
K. Craig Kent, MD
Tony L Kille, MD
Takushi Kohmoto, MD, PhD
James D Maloney, MD
Bradley L Manning, MD
Benjamin C Marcus, MD
Jon S Matsumura, MD
Timothy M McCulloch, MD
James Scott McMurray, MD
Joshua D Mezrich, MD
Jon S Odorico, MD
G. Mark Pyle, MD
A Neil Salyapongse, MD
Michael J Schurr, MD
John W Siebert, MD
Hans W. Sollinger, MD, PhD, FACS
Sharon M Weber, MD
Tracey L Weigel, MD
Lee G Wilke, MD