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We are now accepting abstracts for the 2018 Upper Airway Microbiome conference. The purpose of this conference is to bring together the experts in upper airway microbiology. Fundamental knowledge on how microbial interactions in the larynx play a role in health and disease are presently unknown and there is a need for a comprehensive understanding of these interactions if new, targeted therapeutic avenues for vocal fold inflammation based diseases are to be fully realized. The overarching goal of this conference is to advance and integrate our fund of knowledge of the upper airway microbiome in health and disease. Providing an opportunity to incorporate our understanding of these microbiological niches will contribute to our working knowledge of the unified upper airway, inflammation and immune development in this part of the body, whereby potentially generating novel strategies for the prevention, recovery, or compensation of disorders of the head and neck in disease and across the lifespan.

We are now accepting abstracts for the 2018 Upper Airway Mircrobiome conference. Use our online submission form to submit your abstract for consideration.

Abstract submission deadline is December 15, 2017.
Abstracts will be reviewed and considered for either oral or poster presentation.
Abstract categories are: Inflammation, Immunology, Microbiome, Biology or Other.
If your abstract is accepted, you will be notified by February 1, 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Nichole Rauch
Program Coordinator
Phone: (608) 263-0121