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Archive: Appleton Family Finds Relief for Son with Autism After a Visit with Dr. Seth Dailey

Seth H Dailey, MD, associate professor of surgery at UW Health, is no stranger to autism. So when the Hanegraaf family saw him in clinic with their son Kade, he immediately related as a parent who saw a very difficult family situation, and sought to find the best solution for their son who produced sounds louder than a lawn mower more than 1,000 times each day. Dr. Dailey’s own son was diagnosed at two and a half years old and 8 months after he saw Kade.

Dr. Dailey performed an operation which separated the cartilage in Kade’s vocal cords, creating a larger gap for air flow and limiting the sound power. Kade can now enjoy school and leave home with his family to visit a restaurant or the grocery store. In a recent interview, Kade’s mother stated, “…we can handle him at a restaurant or in public now.”

The surgery, which is reversible, has mitigated Kade’s screams to about 90 percent less often and half the volume.

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