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Archive: Bicycle Safety: Dr. Lee Faucher Discusses the Importance of Helmet Use to Mitigate Injury

Lee D Faucher, MD , associate professor of surgery and trauma surgeon at UW Health, knows all too well that bicycle helmets can be a hard sell. But perhaps his recent discussion on the effects of trauma to the brain in a bicycle accident – as part of a larger conversation on why folks might opt not to wear one – will make you think twice about hitting the road without a helmet.

Dr. Faucher can tell you what happens when your head hits something hard. “All the energy is transferred to the inside,” he explains. “The skull hits the object, and then the brain hits the inside of the skull,” he says. What helmets do is reduce the energy transferred to the brain. Like an airbag or a crumple zone, they slow down the crash.

So then, why are we beginning to see more and more cyclists on the road without helmets?

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