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Archive: Collaboration Catalyzes Speedy Care for Colon Cancer Patient

Madison, Wisconsin – Sandhya was just 30 years old and a busy mom with a young daughter. Thankfully, she wasn’t too busy to pay attention to her body. When she found some blood in her stool, she decided to schedule an appointment with her physician.

When Dr. Deepak Gopal performed a colonoscopy, he discovered a tumor. A biopsy and prompt results confirmed she had colon cancer.

Sandhya was sent to the UW Carbone Cancer Center where she underwent a thorough review by radiation and medical oncology. First she received six weeks of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and then Gregory D Kennedy, MD, PhD performed surgery to remove the tumor.

Sandhya is thankful for the prompt and expert care she received from UW Health. She recalls the shock of learning she had cancer, but also the loving support she received from her family.

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