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Archive: Department of Surgery faculty support successes at UW Health Transplant Program

2017 was a successful year for the UW Health Transplant Program, where several faculty and staff from our department practice. In the last fiscal year, the program celebrated the #1 ranking for UW Organ and Tissue Donation, with the highest organ donation rates and organs transplanted per donor in the nation. The program transplanted 346 kidneys, 113 livers, 56 pancreata, 17 hearts, and 41 lungs.

Additional highlights from fiscal year 2017 in the UW Health Transplant Program:

▪️ Successfully recruited highly talented faculty, including Dr. Martin Dib (transplant surgery), Dr. David Al-Adra (transplant surgery), Dr. Fahad Aziz (transplant nephrology) and Dr. Erin Spengler (transplant hepatology)
▪️ Opened two new transplant outreach clinic locations – Marshfield (kidney transplant), Waukesha (liver transplant)
▪️ Performed the first U.S. clinical trial for deceased donor liver normothermic perfusion
▪️ Integrated of the HLA Laboratory within the Transplant Service Line, to promote clinical synergy and collaboration
▪️ Conducted 250 outreach visits to referring hospitals and providers in the region and attended 225 community events

Congratulations to everyone involved in making this program a success!