University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Department of Surgery shines at 5th Annual Academic Surgical Congress meeting

At the largest meeting of academic surgeons in the world, the UW Department of Surgery had the third highest number of abstracts accepted for presentation of all institutions present. Faculty, residents, and students did an outstanding job representing the department and several won awards:

  • S. Pauly (MS2, Mezrich lab) – Top 10 abstract by a medical student
  • R. Davis (undergrad, Chen lab) – Top 10 abstract by a medical student
  • Madhu Roy, MD, PhD (post-doc, King lab) – Top ranked abstract overall

In addition, several faculty members and residents were elected to new or continuing leadership and committee roles in the Association for Academic Surgery and the Society of University Surgeons:

Association for Academic Surgery

  • Jon Gould, Education Committee
  • Josh Mezrich, Education Committee
  • Cliff Cho, Leadership Committee
  • Heather Neuman, Leadership Committee
  • Greg Kennedy, Program Committee
  • Peter Nichol, Program Committee
  • Bo Liu, Program Committee
  • Emily Winslow, Ethics Committee
  • Tim King, Membership Committee
  • Chuck Heise, Membership Committee
  • David Greenblatt, Issues Committee
  • Carter Smith, Information and Technology Committee

Society of University Surgeons

  • Sharon Weber, Chair of Education Committee
  • Herb Chen, Institutional Representative