University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Dr. Jon Matsumura uses GORE technology to repair thoracic aneurysms

In 2001, Jon S Matsumura, MD was a surgeon at Northwestern University Medical Center. That year, he repaired a thoracic anerysm in Scott Zacek. Follow-up CT scans over the next 10 years tracked those aneurysms to make sure Zacek was not at risk for a rupture. Late last year, when he was told that an aneurysm had grown slightly, Zacek traveled to Madison for his operation where Dr. Matsumura now serves as Professor and Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery. He would enlist the surgical skills of Dr. Matsumura once again. Dr. Matsumura employed novel devices with GORE technology to repair the difficult aneurysm that had developed near Zacek’s spine.

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