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Archive: Dr. Schurr discusses wound healing, part of a breakthrough study at UW-Madison

Michael J Schurr, MD is featured in an article on discussing a breakthrough study out of the University of Wisconsin for which he was a collaborator.

“Chronic wounds are a major national burden,” says Dr. Schurr. “If you look at the coming epidemic of diabetes, foot ulcers are very common in diabetes, and they often lead to amputation. Despite all the advances in surgery and medicine, the wound care we are providing now is much the same as what we offered 20 or 50 years ago.” Dr. Schurr is certified by the American Board of Surgery, with a certification of additional qualification in surgical critical care. He specializes in the surgical treatment of trauma and burns, and surgical critical care.

The findings, published in Advanced Functional Materials, present a way to treat chronic wounds without killing cells. Many wound treatments contain silver as the active ingredient but silver can also damage cells. The multidisciplinary team, which consists of surgeons and chemical and biomedical engineers, developed a material that delivers nontoxic doses of silver for healing wounds.

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