University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Dr. Sippel and Dr. Chen edit The Handbook of Endocrine Surgery

Rebecca S Sippel, MD, Chief of the Section of Endocrine Surgery and Surgery Clerkship Director, and Herbert Chen, MD, Chairman, Division of General Surgery and Vice-Chairman for Research, are the editors of a newly published text on endocrine surgery.

The Handbook of Endocrine Surgery is geared towards surgical endocrinologists in training but will also be useful as a quick reference to the practicing endocrine surgeon or the resident in training during their surgical endocrinology rotation. It provides the essential information physicians need to aid them in the evaluation and management of patients with both straightforward and complex endocrine problems. This book contains practical information about how to order, perform, and interpret laboratory assessments, diagnostic tests and imaging tests, as well as useful treatment algorithms to aid in the care of patients with endocrine disorders.