University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Faculty stem cell research featured in UW newsletter

The UW Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine Center’s (SCRMC) latest newsletter features coverage on two faculty from the Department of Surgery’s Division of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery.

Michelle Ciucci, PhD, was part of a panel of experts that spoke at a recent public exhibit at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery on Parkinson’s disease research. The panel also featured Lily Cappelletti of the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and Marina Emborg, MD, PhD, of the UWSMPH, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center, and SCRMC. The panelists, and the exhibit in general, focused on advances in stem cell research, regenerative medicine and basic cellular processes that cause degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s.

• Sam Gubbels, MD, is exploring how the tiny hair cells that convert sound waves into nerve impulses for delivery to the brain can develop from stem cells. Through this research, Dr. Gubbels is trying to find out what triggers inner ear progenitor cells to make new hair cells when needed. That finding may lead to further study into an approach to treat hearing loss by transplanting progenitor cells into patients.