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Archive: Google Glass offers doctors a unique surgical review opportunity

Video analysis, or “reviewing tapes,” is an important part of any serious athlete’s training regimen. It allows a player to look at a game or event from a different perspective and hear thoughtful feedback from coaches on both good and bad aspects of a performance. In the end, the practice helps athletes improve.

That is the idea behind Dr. Caprice Greenberg’s latest surgical coaching study through the Department of Surgery’s Wisconsin Surgical Outcomes Research Program (WiSOR). A recent news story from WKOW-TV 27 details the pilot program’s use of Google Glass to improve surgical performance. In the news piece, Dr. Jacob Greenberg, an assistant professor with the UW Department of Surgery and the first surgeon to participate in the pilot program, describes his experience recording a surgery with Google Glass and the subsequent review with a coach.

The program’s goal is to recruit 10 coaches and 20 surgeons throughout the state in an effort to provide more collaborative care for patients, to cut down on technical errors, and improve safety in the operating room.