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Archive: Hearing for the First Time: Dr. Ruth Litovsky Discusses Procedure That Helped Boy Hear

Ruth Y Litovsky, PhD was recently interviewed about an experimental implant device which allowed a 3-year old boy to hear for the first time.

“When we think in general about children who are deaf and could benefit from the opportunity to gain access to speech and to language be mainstreamed…there’s a lot of excitement,” Professor Ruth Litovsky said about the surgery.

Please click here to view the full interview with Dr. Litovsky, and watch the young boy’s face light up as he hears for the first time.

Dr. Litovsky’s translational research investigates cochlear implants, in particular with regard to the effect that bilateral cochlear implants have on the ability of patients to hear speech and localize sounds. Specifically, Dr. Litovsky’s lab studies emergence of spatial hearing abilities in young children, through longitudinal investigations.

“We study the ability of children to separate speech from competing sounds, and to identify source locations”, says Litovsky. Through various collaborations across UW, these studies also focus on language acquisition and phonological awareness.

To learn more about Dr. Litovsky’s research, please click here