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Archive: Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

Sarah Franco, BS Cellular and Molecular Pathology T32 Training Grant 2014-2015
Sarah Franco, BS Science and Medicine Graduate Research Scholars Advanced Opportunity Fellowship 2012-2013
Amy Suwanabol, MD Society of University Surgeons/Ethicon Surgical Research Fellowship Scholarship Role of TGF-beta in bone marrow cells during vascular injury. 2010-2012
Karla Esbona, MS NIH, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, Supplemental Minority Grant TGF-Beta in intimal hyperplasia after vascular bypass. 2009-2011
Dai Yamanouchi, MD, PhD International Research Fellowship Award (Uehara Memorial Foundation) Postdoctoral Travel Award sponsored by American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Development of non-viral vectors for gene therapy. 2007-2008
Rachael Edlin, BS Howard Hughes Medical Student Fellow 2007-2008
Rishi Kundi, MD NIH F32 Award 2005-2008
Shirling Tsai, MD SUS/Ethicon Surgical Research Fellowship Scholarship 2006-2008
R. Patrick Horn, MD Frontline Research Fellowship, Society for Vascular Surgeons 2004-2005
Otway Louie, MD American College of Surgery Research Award 2000-2002
Berhane Worku, MD NIH Minority Student Supplement 2002-2003
Scott Hollenbeck, MD American College of Surgery Research Award 2002-2004