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Archive: Ironman Medical Director and Finisher: All in a Day’s Work for Dr. Lee Faucher

Madison, Wisconsin – For nearly 10 years, Lee D Faucher, MD, has been part of the annual Ironman Wisconsin event.

He started working as a medical tent volunteer, then became the assistant medical director starting in 2004 and took on the role of medical director in 2008.

“I guess working medical in a tent was something that I was used to,” joked Dr. Faucher, a 17-year veteran of the Air Force.

“Actually, my former colleague Michael Schurr asked me to help out and it was a chance for me to do something in and for the community outside of what I do every day,” said Faucher, a UW Health surgeon who specializes in the surgical treatment of trauma and burns.

The Ironman Wisconsin medical tent is staffed by around 200 volunteers; each working 4-hour shifts, and treats an average of 400 patients a year. Treating around 400 people in about a day from a tent might seem a hard enough feat to accomplish, but after six years as a volunteer, Dr. Faucher had a new challenge in mind: Becoming an Ironman finisher.

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