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Archive: Medical Student Research is Nurtured in the Department of Surgery


The Department of Surgery was well represented at the 10th Annual Medical Student Research Forum held on Tuesday, January 17th. Students who participated in research projects in Summer 2011 presented their work. One-third (7) of the oral presentations at the forum were from students mentored by faculty in the Department of Surgery. Seven other students shared poster presentations. Many thanks to those faculty and staff who provide critical mentoring for these students.

Two NIH-funded training grants in the Department of Surgery provide stipend support for students. The Shapiro Research Program at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health provides additional support for student research. Students attended a weekly seminar series to learn essential research concepts and gave a 15-minute presentation on their research results at the end of their experience. In addition, many will present their research findings at a regional or national meeting.

These experiences offer students a glimpse at a career as an academic physician and encourage students to pursue careers in research and surgery.



Jonathan Sohn
PI: Herbert Chen, MD
Title: Thiocoraline, a Potential Carcinoid Tumor Chemotherapeutic

Kevin Shepet
PI: Herbert Chen, MD
Title: Hereditary Medullary Thyroid Cancer: Age-Appropriate Thyroidectomy Improves Disease-Free Survival

Cristina Merkhofer
PI: Tracey L Weigel, MD
Title: Day of Surgery Associated with Length of Hospital Stay in Pulmonary Resection Patients

Ngan Lai
PI: Rebecca S Sippel, MD
Title: Weight Gain After Total Thyroidectomy: Myth or Reality

Laurel Bessey
PI: Rebecca S Sippel, MD
Title: The Incidence of Thyroid Cancer by FNA Varies by Age and Gender

Priyesh Patel
PI: Herbert Chen, MD
Title: “Targeting Notch 1 Signaling Pathway As a Potential Therapy for Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer”

Noah Rozich
PI: Emily R. Winslow, MD
Title: Preoperative Platelet Count May be Important in Predicting Postoperative Complications in Patients Undergoing Hepatic Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Kevin Simon
PI: Herbert Chen, MD
Title: The Effect of MK2206, An Akt Inhibitor, on BON GI Carcinoid Cells.

Steven Biro
PI: Jon Gould, MD
Title: Response of Type II Diabetes Mellitus to the Preoperative Liquid Diet and Bariatric Surgery.

Zubin Wala
PI: Timothy M McCulloch, MD
Title: Long Term Outcomes and Trends in Medialization Laryngoplasty

Craig Destree
PI: David P Foley, MD
Title: Identifying Predictive Risk Factors for the Development of Hepatocellular Injury During Liver Transplantation

Gauthiami Soma
PI: K. Craig Kent, MD
Title: Identifying Suitable Candidates for Endocascular Repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Chloe Kim
PI: Timothy M McCulloch, MD
Title: Evaluation of the Effect of the Masako (tongue-hold) Maneuver on Pharyngeal Pressure Generation Using High-Resolution Manometry (HRM)

Price Sonkarley
PI: Timothy M McCulloch, MD
Title: Comparative Analysis Between Dysphagia and the Normal Swallowing Mechanism Using High Resolution Manometry and Vidiofluorography

Anna Carlson
PI: Heather B Neuman, MD, MS
Title: Patterns of Successful Follow-Up Care for Breast Cancer Patients

Davida Hemmy
PI: Girma Tefera, MD
Title: Investigation Into Gender Issues Associated with Ethiopian Medical School Attrition rates

Kevin Shepet
PI: Herbert Chen, MD
Title: Quantifying the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Outcomes of Hereditary Versus Sporadic Medullary Thyroid Cancer Cases from 1994-2010

Dina Marie Pitta
PI: Lee G Wilke, MD
Title: Determining if Existing Implants Change the Number of Interventions for Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer