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1. Shi X, Guo LW, Seedial SM, Si Y, Wang B, Takayama T, Suwanabol PA, Ghosh S, DiRenzo D, Liu B, Kent KC.
TGF-β/Smad3 inhibit vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis through an autocrine signaling mechanism involving VEGF-A.
Cell Death Dis
2014 Jul 10; 5():e1317.

[PubMed ID: 25010983, PMCID: 4123076]

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2. Yu X, Takayama T, Goel SA, Shi X, Zhou Y, Kent KC, Murphy WL, Guo LW.
A rapamycin-releasing perivascular polymeric sheath produces highly effective inhibition of intimal hyperplasia.
J Control Release
2014 Oct 10; 191():47-53.

[PubMed ID: 24852098, PMCID: 4156896]

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3. Shi X, DiRenzo D, Guo LW, Franco SR, Wang B, Seedial S, Kent KC.
TGF-β/Smad3 stimulates stem cell/developmental gene expression and vascular smooth muscle cell de-differentiation.
2014; 9(4):e93995.

[PubMed ID: 24718260, PMCID: 3981734]

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4. Goel SA, Guo LW, Wang B, Guo S, Roenneburg D, Ananiev GE, Hoffmann FM, Kent KC.
High-throughput screening identifies idarubicin as a preferential inhibitor of smooth muscle versus endothelial cell proliferation.
2014; 9(2):e89349.

[PubMed ID: 24586708, PMCID: 3933427]

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5. Shi X, Chen G, Guo LW, Si Y, Zhu M, Pilla S, Liu B, Gong S, Kent KC.
Periadventitial application of rapamycin-loaded nanoparticles produces sustained inhibition of vascular restenosis.
2014; 9(2):e89227.

[PubMed ID: 24586612, PMCID: 3931710]

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6. Goel SA, Guo LW, Shi XD, Kundi R, Sovinski G, Seedial S, Liu B, Kent KC.
Preferential secretion of collagen type 3 versus type 1 from adventitial fibroblasts stimulated by TGF-β/Smad3-treated medial smooth muscle cells.
Cell. Signal.
2013 Apr; 25(4):955-60.

[PubMed ID: 23280188, PMCID: 3595331]

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7. Goel SA, Guo LW, Liu B, Kent KC.
Mechanisms of post-intervention arterial remodelling.
Cardiovasc. Res.
2012 Dec 01; 96(3):363-71.

[PubMed ID: 22918976, PMCID: 3500049]

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8. Suwanabol PA, Seedial SM, Zhang F, Shi X, Si Y, Liu B, Kent KC.
TGF-β and Smad3 modulate PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.
2012 Jun 01; 302(11):H2211-9.

[PubMed ID: 22447946, PMCID: 3378292]

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9. Si Y, Ren J, Wang P, Rateri DL, Daugherty A, Shi XD, Kent KC, Liu B.
Protein kinase C-delta mediates adventitial cell migration through regulation of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression in a rat angioplasty model.
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol.
2012 Apr; 32(4):943-54.

[PubMed ID: 22328773, PMCID: 3311123]

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10. Sambol EB, Van der Meer JG, Graham A, Goldstein LJ, Karwowski JK, Dayal R, Derubertis B, Kent KC.
The use of gadolinium for arterial interventions.
Ann Vasc Surg
2011 Apr; 25(3):366-76.

[PubMed ID: 21288688]

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11. Suwanabol PA, Kent KC, Liu B.
TGF-β and restenosis revisited: a Smad link.
J. Surg. Res.
2011 May 15; 167(2):287-97.

[PubMed ID: 21324395, PMCID: 3077463]

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12. Giacovelli JK, Egorova N, Dayal R, Gelijns A, McKinsey J, Kent KC.
Outcomes of carotid stenting compared with endarterectomy are equivalent in asymptomatic patients and inferior in symptomatic patients.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2010 Oct; 52(4):906-13, 913.e1-4.

[PubMed ID: 20620010]

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13. Greco G, Egorova NN, Gelijns AC, Moskowitz AJ, Manganaro AJ, Zwolak RM, Riles TS, Kent KC.
Development of a novel scoring tool for the identification of large ≥5 cm abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Ann. Surg.
2010 Oct; 252(4):675-82.

[PubMed ID: 20881774]

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14. Kent KC, Zwolak RM, Egorova NN, Riles TS, Manganaro A, Moskowitz AJ, Gelijns AC, Greco G.
Analysis of risk factors for abdominal aortic aneurysm in a cohort of more than 3 million individuals.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2010 Sep; 52(3):539-48.

[PubMed ID: 20630687]

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15. Kent KC.
Endovascular aneurysm repair–is it durable?
N. Engl. J. Med.
2010 May 20; 362(20):1930-1.

[PubMed ID: 20484400]

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16. Zhang F, Banker G, Liu X, Suwanabol PA, Lengfeld J, Yamanouchi D, Kent KC, Liu B.
The novel function of advanced glycation end products in regulation of MMP-9 production.
J. Surg. Res.
2011 Dec; 171(2):871-6.

[PubMed ID: 20638679, PMCID: 3623272]

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17. Mureebe L, Egorova N, McKinsey JF, Kent KC.
Gender trends in the repair of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms and outcomes.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2010 Apr; 51(4 Suppl):9S-13S.

[PubMed ID: 20080005]

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18. Kato K, Yamanouchi D, Esbona K, Kamiya K, Zhang F, Kent KC, Liu B.
Caspase-mediated protein kinase C-delta cleavage is necessary for apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.
2009 Dec; 297(6):H2253-61.

[PubMed ID: 19837952, PMCID: 2793135]

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19. Egorova N, Giacovelli JK, Gelijns A, Greco G, Moskowitz A, McKinsey J, Kent KC.
Defining high-risk patients for endovascular aneurysm repair.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2009 Dec; 50(6):1271-9.e1.

[PubMed ID: 19782526, PMCID: 3081634]

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20. Zhang F, Kent KC, Yamanouchi D, Zhang Y, Kato K, Tsai S, Nowygrod R, Schmidt AM, Liu B.
Anti-receptor for advanced glycation end products therapies as novel treatment for abdominal aortic aneurysm.
Ann. Surg.
2009 Sep; 250(3):416-23.

[PubMed ID: 19652591, PMCID: 2921961]

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21. Kundi R, Hollenbeck ST, Yamanouchi D, Herman BC, Edlin R, Ryer EJ, Wang C, Tsai S, Liu B, Kent KC.
Arterial gene transfer of the TGF-beta signalling protein Smad3 induces adaptive remodelling following angioplasty: a role for CTGF.
Cardiovasc. Res.
2009 Nov 01; 84(2):326-35.

[PubMed ID: 19570811, PMCID: 2761202]

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22. Tsai S, Hollenbeck ST, Ryer EJ, Edlin R, Yamanouchi D, Kundi R, Wang C, Liu B, Kent KC.
TGF-beta through Smad3 signaling stimulates vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and neointimal formation.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.
2009 Aug; 297(2):H540-9.

[PubMed ID: 19525370, PMCID: 2724222]

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23. Kent KC, Gelijns AC.
A new era in surgical research: getting back to the patient.
2009 Jun; 145(6):579-81.

[PubMed ID: 19486754]

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24. Edlin RS, Tsai S, Yamanouchi D, Wang C, Liu B, Kent KC.
Characterization of primary and restenotic atherosclerotic plaque from the superficial femoral artery: Potential role of Smad3 in regulation of SMC proliferation.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2009 May; 49(5):1289-95.

[PubMed ID: 19394554, PMCID: 3302687]

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25. Zhang F, Tsai S, Kato K, Yamanouchi D, Wang C, Rafii S, Liu B, Kent KC.
Transforming growth factor-beta promotes recruitment of bone marrow cells and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells through stimulation of MCP-1 production in vascular smooth muscle cells.
J. Biol. Chem.
2009 Jun 26; 284(26):17564-74.

[PubMed ID: 19406748, PMCID: 2719395]

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26. Tsai S, Butler J, Rafii S, Liu B, Kent KC.
The role of progenitor cells in the development of intimal hyperplasia.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2009 Feb; 49(2):502-10.

[PubMed ID: 18945574, PMCID: 2924205]

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27. Schubl S, Tsai S, Ryer EJ, Wang C, Hu J, Kent KC, Liu B.
Upregulation of protein kinase cdelta in vascular smooth muscle cells promotes inflammation in abdominal aortic aneurysm.
J. Surg. Res.
2009 May 15; 153(2):181-7.

[PubMed ID: 18952226, PMCID: 3322540]

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28. Vouyouka AG, Kent KC.
Arterial vascular disease in women.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2007 Dec; 46(6):1295-302.

[PubMed ID: 17950570]

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29. Kamiya K, Ryer E, Sakakibara K, Zohlman A, Kent KC, Liu B.
Protein kinase C delta activated adhesion regulates vascular smooth muscle cell migration.
J. Surg. Res.
2007 Jul; 141(1):91-6.

[PubMed ID: 17574042]

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30. Kamiya K, Sakakibara K, Ryer EJ, Hom RP, Leof EB, Kent KC, Liu B.
Phosphorylation of the cyclic AMP response element binding protein mediates transforming growth factor beta-induced downregulation of cyclin A in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Mol. Cell. Biol.
2007 May; 27(9):3489-98.

[PubMed ID: 17325033, PMCID: 1899963]

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31. Liu B, Ryer EJ, Kundi R, Kamiya K, Itoh H, Faries PL, Sakakibara K, Kent KC.
Protein kinase C-delta regulates migration and proliferation of vascular smooth muscle cells through the extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2007 Jan; 45(1):160-8.

[PubMed ID: 17210402, PMCID: 1829412]

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32. Ryer EJ, Hom RP, Sakakibara K, Nakayama KI, Nakayama K, Faries PL, Liu B, Kent KC.
PKCdelta is necessary for Smad3 expression and transforming growth factor beta-induced fibronectin synthesis in vascular smooth muscle cells.
Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol.
2006 Apr; 26(4):780-6.

[PubMed ID: 16469949]

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33. Kraemer R, Baker PJ, Kent KC, Ye Y, Han JJ, Tejada R, Silane M, Upmacis R, Deeb R, Chen Y, Levine DM, Hempstead B.
Decreased neurotrophin TrkB receptor expression reduces lesion size in the apolipoprotein E-null mutant mouse.
2005 Dec 06; 112(23):3644-53.

[PubMed ID: 16330706]

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34. Ryer EJ, Sakakibara K, Wang C, Sarkar D, Fisher PB, Faries PL, Kent KC, Liu B.
Protein kinase C delta induces apoptosis of vascular smooth muscle cells through induction of the tumor suppressor p53 by both p38-dependent and p38-independent mechanisms.
J. Biol. Chem.
2005 Oct 21; 280(42):35310-7.

[PubMed ID: 16118209]

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35. Sakakibara K, Kubota K, Worku B, Ryer EJ, Miller JP, Koff A, Kent KC, Liu B.
PDGF-BB regulates p27 expression through ERK-dependent RNA turn-over in vascular smooth muscle cells.
J. Biol. Chem.
2005 Jul 08; 280(27):25470-7.

[PubMed ID: 15894805]

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36. Sakakibara K, Liu B, Hollenbeck S, Kent KC.
Rapamycin inhibits fibronectin-induced migration of the human arterial smooth muscle line (E47) through the mammalian target of rapamycin.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.
2005 Jun; 288(6):H2861-8.

[PubMed ID: 15708965]

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37. Hollenbeck ST, Itoh H, Louie O, Faries PL, Liu B, Kent KC.
Type I collagen synergistically enhances PDGF-induced smooth muscle cell proliferation through pp60src-dependent crosstalk between the alpha2beta1 integrin and PDGFbeta receptor.
Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun.
2004 Dec 03; 325(1):328-37.

[PubMed ID: 15522237]

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38. Liu B, Itoh H, Louie O, Kubota K, Kent KC.
The role of phospholipase C and phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase in vascular smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation.
J. Surg. Res.
2004 Aug; 120(2):256-65.

[PubMed ID: 15234221]

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39. Hollenbeck ST, Nelson PR, Yamamura S, Faries PL, Liu B, Kent KC.
Intracellular calcium transients are necessary for platelet-derived growth factor but not extracellular matrix protein-induced vascular smooth muscle cell migration.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2004 Aug; 40(2):351-8.

[PubMed ID: 15297833]

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40. Hollenbeck ST, Sakakibara K, Faries PL, Workhu B, Liu B, Kent KC.
Stem cell factor and c-kit are expressed by and may affect vascular SMCs through an autocrine pathway.
J. Surg. Res.
2004 Aug; 120(2):288-94.

[PubMed ID: 15234225]

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41. Kent KC, Liu B.
Intimal hyperplasia–still here after all these years!
Ann Vasc Surg
2004 Mar; 18(2):135-7.

[PubMed ID: 15253245]

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42. Kent KC.
Who in vascular surgery will have time for research today and in the future?
2004 Jan; 12(1):29-32.

[PubMed ID: 15127851]

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43. Kubota K, Okazaki J, Louie O, Kent KC, Liu B.
TGF-beta stimulates collagen (I) in vascular smooth muscle cells via a short element in the proximal collagen promoter.
J. Surg. Res.
2003 Jan; 109(1):43-50.

[PubMed ID: 12591234]

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44. Liu B, Itoh H, Louie O, Kubota K, Kent KC.
The signaling protein Rho is necessary for vascular smooth muscle migration and survival but not for proliferation.
2002 Aug; 132(2):317-25.

[PubMed ID: 12219029]

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45. Itoh H, Yamamura S, Ware JA, Zhuang S, Mii S, Liu B, Kent KC.
Differential effects of protein kinase C on human vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration.
Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol.
2001 Jul; 281(1):H359-70.

[PubMed ID: 11406504]

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46. Du B, Fu C, Kent KC, Bush H, Schulick AH, Kreiger K, Collins T, McCaffrey TA.
Elevated Egr-1 in human atherosclerotic cells transcriptionally represses the transforming growth factor-beta type II receptor.
J. Biol. Chem.
2000 Dec 15; 275(50):39039-47.

[PubMed ID: 10982796]

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47. Kent KC.
Gene therapy to prevent vein graft stenosis–ready for prime time?
Cardiovasc Surg
2000 Aug; 8(5):331-2.

[PubMed ID: 11202963]

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48. Okazaki J, Mawatari K, Liu B, Kent KC.
The effect of protein kinase C and its alpha subtype on human vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation, migration and fibronectin production.
2000 Aug; 128(2):192-7.

[PubMed ID: 10922991]

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49. McCaffrey TA, Fu C, Du B, Eksinar S, Kent KC, Bush H, Kreiger K, Rosengart T, Cybulsky MI, Silverman ES, Collins T.
High-level expression of Egr-1 and Egr-1-inducible genes in mouse and human atherosclerosis.
J. Clin. Invest.
2000 Mar; 105(5):653-62.

[PubMed ID: 10712437, PMCID: 289183]

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50. Mawatari K, Liu B, Kent KC.
Activation of integrin receptors is required for growth factor-induced smooth muscle cell dysfunction.
J. Vasc. Surg.
2000 Feb; 31(2):375-81.

[PubMed ID: 10664505]

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51. Kaiura TL, Itoh H, Kent KC.
The role of mitogen-activated protein kinase and protein kinase C in fibronectin production in human vascular smooth muscle cells.
J. Surg. Res.
1999 Jun 15; 84(2):212-7.

[PubMed ID: 10357922]

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52. Nelson PR, Yamamura S, Mureebe L, Itoh H, Kent KC.
Smooth muscle cell migration and proliferation are mediated by distinct phases of activation of the intracellular messenger mitogen-activated protein kinase.
J. Vasc. Surg.
1998 Jan; 27(1):117-25.

[PubMed ID: 9474089]

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53. Mureebe L, Nelson PR, Yamamura S, Lawitts J, Kent KC.
Activation of pp60c-src is necessary for human vascular smooth muscle cell migration.
1997 Aug; 122(2):138-44; discussion 144-5.

[PubMed ID: 9288116]

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54. Nelson PR, Yamamura S, Kent KC.
Platelet-derived growth factor and extracellular matrix proteins provide a synergistic stimulus for human vascular smooth muscle cell migration.
J. Vasc. Surg.
1997 Jul; 26(1):104-12.

[PubMed ID: 9240328]

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55. Itoh H, Nelson PR, Mureebe L, Horowitz A, Kent KC.
The role of integrins in saphenous vein vascular smooth muscle cell migration.
J. Vasc. Surg.
1997 Jun; 25(6):1061-9.

[PubMed ID: 9201167]

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56. Harrington EO, Löffler J, Nelson PR, Kent KC, Simons M, Ware JA.
Enhancement of migration by protein kinase Calpha and inhibition of proliferation and cell cycle progression by protein kinase Cdelta in capillary endothelial cells.
J. Biol. Chem.
1997 Mar 14; 272(11):7390-7.

[PubMed ID: 9054439]

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57. Jiang B, Yamamura S, Nelson PR, Mureebe L, Kent KC.
Differential effects of platelet-derived growth factor isotypes on human smooth muscle cell proliferation and migration are mediated by distinct signaling pathways.
1996 Aug; 120(2):427-31; discussion 432.

[PubMed ID: 8751614]

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58. Nelson PR, Yamamura S, Kent KC.
Extracellular matrix proteins are potent agonists of human smooth muscle cell migration.
J. Vasc. Surg.
1996 Jul; 24(1):25-32; discussion 32-3.

[PubMed ID: 8691524]

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59. Yamamura S, Nelson PR, Kent KC.
Role of protein kinase C in attachment, spreading, and migration of human endothelial cells.
J. Surg. Res.
1996 Jun; 63(1):349-54.

[PubMed ID: 8661224]

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60. Mii S, Khalil RA, Morgan KG, Ware JA, Kent KC.
Mitogen-activated protein kinase and proliferation of human vascular smooth muscle cells.
Am. J. Physiol.
1996 Jan; 270(1 Pt 2):H142-50.

[PubMed ID: 8769745]

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61. Kent KC, Mii S, Harrington EO, Chang JD, Mallette S, Ware JA.
Requirement for protein kinase C activation in basic fibroblast growth factor-induced human endothelial cell proliferation.
Circ. Res.
1995 Aug; 77(2):231-8.

[PubMed ID: 7542179]

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