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See Who’s Coming!

We look forward to celebrating with the following guests at the
2017 Layton Rikkers Surgical Society Alumni Dinner:

Chris Dodgion
Rebecca Sippel
Alexandria McDow
Ryan Schmocker
Maria Bates
Kyle Kleppe
Todd Woltman
Evie Carchman
Clifford Cho
David Schneider
Laura Fischer
Louis Bernhardt
Sharon Weber
Rebecca Busch
Mary Marshall
Anne-Lise D’Angelo
Walker Julliard
Sandra Engelhardt Freiwald
Carlo Contreras
Caprice Greenberg
Jacob Greenberg
Joseph Jameson
Kim Jameson
Rebecca Minter
Pasithorn Suwanabol
Daniel Vargo
Beverly Vargo
Devon Livingston-Rosanoff
Bruce Harms
Christopher Zimmermann
Kara Vande Walle
Victoria Rendell
Jeannie Chun
Ann O’Rourke
Michael Sloan
Kaitlyn Kelly
Angela Ingraham
Rachael Callcut
Michael Nabozny
Lee Wilke
Alex Fisher
Paul DiMusto
Jennifer PHilip
Elise Lawson
David Mahvi
Angela Gibson
Caprice Greenberg
Jake Greenberg
Robert Redfield
Kevin Wasco

Please check back for updates. We will continue to add guests who are coming and comments as we receive them.