University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Study Shows Higher Readmission Mortality Rates in Elderly after Colectomy

In a recent study done by General Surgery resident, Dr. David Greenblatt, it was demonstrated that readmission to the hospital after colectomy is far more common than expected for elderly patients and readmission is strongly linked with mortality. This is the first study to determine nationwide readmission rates following colectomy in the Medicare population. 16% of patients who were readmitted died within a year compared with only 7% of patients who were not readmitted. The results suggest that more should be done to develop interventions and processes of care that can reduce the problems that lead to readmission and further research to understand the association between readmission and mortality should be pursued.

The work was done in collaboration with Sharon Weber (General Surgery), Maureen Smith (Population Health), Erin O’Connor (General Surgery), Noelle LoConte (GI), and Jinn-Ing Liou (Population Health)

Dr. Greenblatt presented the work at the 2009 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in Chicago this morning.