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Archive: The Inside Look at Match Day 2010

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Thursday March 18 was Match Day, the annual event when UW School of Medicine and Public Health (UWSMPH) graduates, as well as medical students across the country, applying for residencies through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP) discover where they will launch their residency experience.

The match process begins long before the highly anticipated Match Day. After deciding what medical specialty to pursue, students complete the NRMP application packet which includes submitting transcripts, grades, letters of recommendation, exam performance, and personal statement. Each student then applies to the residency programs of interest. The residency programs invite students of interest to interviews, a process that generally takes place October through January. Both students and residency programs submit lists ranking their top choices and the NRMP computer matches applicants and programs.

Students are notified if they did not match to a program on the Monday prior to Match Day. On Tuesday, those who did not match have the opportunity to participate in ‘the scramble.’ Unmatched students try to secure residency spots which did not fill during the match process. But it is not until Thursday, Match Day, that the match results are announced to students and their families and friends who have come to support them.

At the UWSMPH, Match Day ceremonies began at 10:00 a.m. with an awards program to recognize faculty, residents and staff that have worked with them over the years. The class screened a video they produced which featured memorable moments from throughout their four years of medical school. Finally, at 11:00 a.m. the results were released. Envelopes containing the results were drawn one at a time and each student approached the front of the auditorium, opened their envelope and announced to all in attendance where they would be training. It was’s truly an exciting time!

This year, 23 UWSMPH students matched into categorical surgery residencies. Fourteen students matched to categorical General Surgery Programs; one student matched to Plastic Surgery; one student matched to Urology; five matched to Orthopedics; and two students matched to Neurosurgery. An additional four students matched into preliminary surgery positions.

Graduating UWSMPH medical students, Kari Obma and Sarah Tevis, will begin General Surgery residency training at the University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery in June. Two current Surgery residents, Silke Niederhaus and Joseph Bobadilla, matched to the Transplantation fFellowship and Vascular Surgery fFellowship programs at UW respectively.

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Other graduates and residents pursuing surgical training at the University of Wisconsin include:

Cardiothoracic Surgery:
Brian Nam (Mayo Clinic)

General Surgery:
Laura Fischer (Columbia University)
Lung-Yi Lee (University of Pittsburgh)
Sara Murray (University of Minnesota)
Vanessa Nomellini (Loyola University)
Kari Obma (University of Wisconsin)
Sarah Tevis (University of Wisconsin)

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery:
Will Brand (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Dylan Lippert (Wake Forest University)

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:
Carrie Goldberg (Yale)
Steve Kempton (Loma Linda)
James McCarthy (Dartmouth)

Silke Niederhaus (Wisconsin)
Chandrasekar Santhanakrishnan (UC-Davis)

Vascular Surgery:
Joseph Bobadilla (University of Wisconsin)