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Archive: Update: Dr. John Siebert treats pediatric patient with Parry Romberg Syndrome

John W Siebert, MD Professor of Surgery, is a world-renowned expert in treating individuals with rare facial deformities, such as Parry Romberg Syndrome. Christine Honeycutt was diagnosed with Parry Romberg Syndrome and through her mother Vicki’s research, she discovered Dr. Siebert’s success in treating this disease.

Parry Romberg Syndrome is characterized by the wasting away of tissue on half of the face. Dr. Siebert has spent 20 years perfecting the procedure that not only repairs the deformity but may change the biology of the disease so the progression is halted.

Dr. Siebert performed a microsurgical reconstruction on Christine. The surgery involved taking tissue from the area under her arm near where her breast would be and transplanting it into her face.

Click here to read about Christine’s operation and view before and after photos.

Watch Dr. Siebert and Christine discuss the disease and surgery.

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