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Archive: UW Endocrine Team studies Graves’ disease treatment options

Dawn Elfenbein, MD, MPH, endocrine surgery fellow at the University of Wisconsin Department of Surgery, was lead author on a poster presentation that concluded that in patients with Graves’ disease, measurement of thyroid-specific antibodies “does not independently predict those clinical features best treated with surgery. Clinical features and patient preferences should be considered independently from autoantibody levels.”

Her findings were presented at a recent meeting of the American Thyroid Association. Dr. Elfenbein’s research is part of a larger study the UW Endocrine Team is conducting, looking for sound ways to help patients decide between surgery and radioactive iodine as treatment for their Graves’ disease.

Clinical Endocrinology News reviewed Dr. Elfenbein’s findings in “Autoantibodies not predictive of surgery for Graves’ disease.”