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Archive: Week in Review – December 26, 2016

I have the privilege of reading the positive and supportive patient comments received each day — and I am humbled and grateful for the hard work, skill, mercy, and compassion demonstrated by our clinical caregivers. This week especially, when so many of you are on call, in the hospital operating, visiting patients and their families (instead of being at home with your families), I want to say “thank you.” Please enjoy this special “Thankful” edition of the Week in Review, and please join me in recognizing our faculty and staff, especially those who took call on the holiday weekends, for EVERYTHING they do for our patients and the Department of Surgery.

Vascular Surgery

UW Health Patient Relations shared details of a patient compliment they received via phone call: The patient called and stated he was “very thankful for all of the support and care that he received while he was here.” He went on to say that “the care he received from Dr. Kyla Bennett, Dr. Charles W. Acher and Dr. Dai Yamanouchi was fantastic and that everyone was very kind to him throughout the entire process.” I could tell from the tone of his voice that he was very appreciative of everyone’s efforts in caring for him throughout his stay.

Surgical Oncology

From a patient email to UW Health Patient Relations: In September I was in the breast clinic because of an abnormality I noticed in my nipple. Although I did get quite a scare, after a needle biopsy it was determined that I did not have cancer. I would like Linda Szalkucki, RN, MS, NP, and her team to know how very much I appreciate the care and compassion they showed me during those few days. Everyone, every nurse, Greg the receptionist, the docs doing the biopsy, the tech watching over me as they did the procedure, everyone was kind and thoughtful. They made a few difficult days very bearable. Thank you, Linda, and your great group there at the breast clinic.


UW Health Patient Relations shared details of a compliment they received via phone call from a patient’s mother: The out-of-state patient and mother were impressed with care they received. They wanted to specially thank nurse Amber and Dr. Greg Hartig for the “phenomenal” care they provided, further stating, “the level of care and compassion is outstanding, and this is coming from a nurse.” The mother relayed that her daughter asked, “Can’t I just fly back to Wisconsin to continue care?”

Endocrine Surgery

John Sheehan, president of UW Health at The American Center, shared this patient compliment, which was directed to everyone at TAC, including Dr. Susan Pitt, the endocrine surgeon who performed this patient’s operation: Yesterday, during my rounds, I met a patient’s family member. He was here with a family member who was having endocrine surgery here. He had flown in from San Diego the evening before to be with his loved one.

He made it a point to tell me he has been in many hospitals as he is a former healthcare administrator and also is a respiratory therapist and that he wanted to meet me. Today, he spends his healthcare time at Sharp Memorial in San Diego for his and his family’s care.

He went on to tell me how great his and his loved one’s experience was with your care. From the moment they arrived throughout their whole experience he stated how caring, helpful, and professional everyone was. He even talked about the chef that cooked his breakfast at The Bistro and how he felt right at home like his local diner. He stated all this really helped calm their anxiety and fear and they became confident they were in the right place. He wanted to tell me that we were very special and that we are even better than Sharp which he considers to be a great organization.
In my world, Sharp is nationally known for their patient experience results and they are a national winner of the Malcolm Baldrige Award….so I got goose bumps.

Thank you for all that do for our patients and families. It is a privilege to be associated with you.

Pediatric Surgery

UW Health Patient Relations relayed this patient compliment: I am a patient with UW Health as well as an employee and wanted to make sure these two individuals were recognized! My fiancé and I went to a very scary appointment last night with Dr. Peter Nichol and Dr. De-Ann Pillers, and I couldn’t believe the passion and the comfort they gave us. We are faced with some challenges in the future, but these two were so compassionate and made me feel like I have known them for years. Any questions we asked they were all ears with lots of positive remarks while uplifting our spirits. I couldn’t have asked for this to be a better appointment during these circumstances. Please let them know we are very thankful they will be on our side for this delivery, and I couldn’t have asked for a better support team.

Colorectal Surgery

UW Health Patient Relations passed along this patient compliment: I would like to take this opportunity for you to know how much I appreciated the service of Dr. Evie Carchman and her staff during my recent surgery and stay at UW Hospital. She and her associates not only gave me excellent care but love and attention as well to all my needs. I will highly recommend her to anyone who might need her help in the future. Please convey my appreciation to her and her staff.

Plastic Surgery

A former patient’s mother recently sent the following email to Dr. John Siebert and LuAnn Shay, PA: How are you? We hope that you and yours are doing well. It has been a long time since we have last been in touch. We are well and wanted to let you know that Patient A is doing well too. Patient A has finished pre-med studies and is now studying in med school in Cyprus. It is a London-based university — Saint George of London U. Patient A is just now taking the exams of the first semester and is doing well. She will stay in Nicosia, Cyprus, for two years and then will continue the clinical studies in Israel, in Sheba Medical Center, which is one of the leading med centers in Israel.

There is no doubt that her personal experience and interfacing with the medical world has much effect on her studies. The meeting with you two in particular and with UW Health created a great model for her to follow and be inspired by.
Patient A is really too busy to take the time off and write by herself, but urged us to write and bring you up to date and also thank you.

Trauma Surgery

A patient stopped by the UW Health Patient Relations office to offer his thankfulness and appreciation to those involved in his care after a visit to the ED, including Dr. John Scarborough. He wanted to be sure to let everybody know that he was grateful for the care they had provided and was certain that he was in a much better place after having received care here at UW.