University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Week in Review – December 6, 2010

Faculty News

Dr. Richard Botham, UW Med School 1952, Mayo Clinic Residency 1953-57 with O Theron Claggett, Oliver H. Beahrs, and John W. Kirklin, passed away November 18th, 2010. While there he published the first experimental report on coronary bypass in dogs. He came to UW as a Cardiothoracic Fellow and Clinical Instructor; stayed 2 years and published 12 scientific articles and conducted groundbreaking research on the first artificial heart valve, getting a $100,000 grant from NIH. After completing the fellowship in 1959, he took a job at the Dean Clinic. In 1965, the then Chairman, Dr. Hickey, asked him if he would like residents at St. Mary’s—-it became the premier rotation and he was the leader until his retirement in 1991. Dr. Botham was a masterful surgeon, an outstanding teacher, a mentor in the true sense of the word, and a true gentle-man. He was a Clinical Professor of Surgery. Among the residents he trained are Drs. Sollinger, D’Alessandro, Acher, Harms, Vega, Bernhardt, Kryger, Bernsten, Hamacher, Manning and Finch.


Dr. Tim King was chosen as a finalist for the Society of University Surgeons’ Translational Research Award. The interviews for the award will be held during the 2011 Academic Surgical Congress.

Dr. Greg Kennedy, along with his research mentor, Chris Bradfield, has been awarded an Investigator Initiated Trial Award from the UW Carbone Cancer Center. This one year $50,000 pilot grant supports their clinical research project “Towards Chronotherapy of Colon Cancer.”


Dr. Rebecca Sippel has been appointed to the SMPH’s Educational Policy Council (EPC). The EPC implements educational policy, evaluates effectiveness of programs, and provides a mechanism for student appeal.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Herb Chen will be inducted as a member of the American Society for Clinical Investigation in April 2011. The ASCI is an honor society of physician-scientists, those who translate findings in the laboratory to the advancement of clinical practice. Founded in 1908, the Society is home to more than 3,000 members who are in the upper ranks of academic medicine and industrial healthcare.