University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Week in Review – February 6, 2017

At the Top

UW Health vascular surgeons recently became the first in Wisconsin to use a new device for less invasive treatment of thoracic aortic disease. On January 27th, Drs. Charles W. Acher and Paul D. DiMusto led the team that performed the surgery to implant the device as part of a clinical trial at UW Hospital. Beth Philips, RN and Pam Salazar, CST, both members of the vascular surgery operating room team, supported the operation. The new device allows surgeons to repair the thoracic aorta with a small incision, eliminating the need for a bypass or large open chest surgery. Congratulations to Drs. Acher and DiMusto and the Division of Vascular Surgery for this important achievement!


Jodi Hernandez, MS, CCCSLP, has been awarded the 2017 Outstanding Service Award by the Wisconsin Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Association (WSHA). THE WSHA awards committee cited Jody for her tireless efforts on behalf of patients with laryngectomy in Wisconsin, particularly for her efforts to get Medicaid to cover laryngectomy supplies in the state. Please join me in congratulating Jodi for this well-deserved recognition.

Special Recognition

The relative of a patient recently expressed her appreciation for the UW Health Burn Unit, singling out Drs. Lee D. Faucher and Angela L. Gibson for their kindness and sensitivity to the patient’s and the family’s needs. The relative told Patient Relations, “I felt as though they were available 24/7 and were incredibly kind,” and commended the unit’s team approach. Their care and compassion clearly had a significant impact on this patient and family. Thank you to Drs. Faucher and Gibson and the Burn Unit for your excellent work.

Patient Comments from Hospital Survey

Ryan Macke, MD (Cardiothoracic)
“I was impressed with his bed-side manner. He also made me feel comfortable during the office visit and did not rush our visit. A very likeable doctor. He really seems to be right on.”

Sarah Smith, RN, MS, ANP-BC, APNP (General)
“Sarah and the general surgery staff that I interacted with were great. I was so impressed with the treatment from Sarah Smith. I would recommend her and her staff.”

William Finch, MD (Otolaryngology)
“Dr. Finch is a caring and kind physician. Always very professional and provides high quality care. A really great doctor.”