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Archive: Week in Review – January 18, 2010

At the Top

We enthusiastically announce the successful establishment of the Diane M. Bless Chair in Otolaryngology. This endowed chair is established by the UW Division of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery with funds from the UW Voice and Swallow Program as well as generous donations from colleagues, friends and family members to honor Diane M. Bless, PhD, for her leadership and distinguished career in teaching, research and clinical practice. During her 30-year career at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Bless has produced seminal work in the field of voice disorders. Her translational research advanced the clinical practice of voice measurement and her dedication to mentoring and teaching contributed significantly to the success of the next generation of scientists in the field of voice and swallow. Diane Bless has profoundly influenced the disciplines of Communication Sciences and Disorders and Otolaryngology through her pioneering advances in laryngeal imaging, aerodynamic and acoustic measurement and interdisciplinary treatment of voice disorders. In 2009, Dr. Bless was awarded the Frank Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Achievement Award by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. This chair will ensure that Dr. Bless’s legacy of innovation and excellence in research, teaching and clinical care, for which she is internationally renowned, continues in perpetuity.


The Department of Surgery was well represented at the 8th annual medical student research forum on Tuesday, January 19, from Noon to 5:30 pm at the HSLC. This year’s Forum was the largest ever; more than 80 second year students presented their summer research work through poster and podium presentations. Seven of 18 of the podium selections for the Medical Student Research Forum came from Surgery. Congratulations to Mike Bentz, Herb Chen (2), Luis Fernandez, Jon Gould, Greg Kennedy, and Gretchen Schwarze.


Yolanda Becker was invited to serve on the national Advisory Committee on Organ Transplantation (“ACOT”). The Committee operates under the national Health Resources and Services Administration who nominates the members that are then appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Health & Human Services.The ACOT was established to assist the HHS Secretary in enhancing organ donation, ensuring that the system of organ transplantation is grounded in the best available medical science, assuring the public that the system is as effective and equitable as possible, and thereby increasing public confidence in the integrity and effectiveness of the transplantation system. ACOT was established in year 2000 and has up to 25 members including the chair. Previously, the UWHC transplant program was fortunate to have Dr. Sollinger serve on this Committee and Dr. Tony D’Alessandro was also active in the development of this Committee when ex-Governor Tommy Thompson was then acting HHS Secretary.