University of Wisconsin–Madison

Archive: Week in Review – October 10, 2011

At the Top

Last week during a visit to the Otolaryngology Clinic, patients were being escorted out of the reception area into the hallway. A patient had lost their heartbeat while waiting to be called for their appointment. When Mary Marshall asked what was happening, the following was shared with her by the wife of a throat cancer patient. She said “Dr. Greg Hartig is on the floor resuscitating that man. He saved my husband’s life, and now he is in there saving that man’s life.” This is what our surgeons do daily: save people’s lives. Mary felt privileged to be part of this awe-inspiring work.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Girma Tefera will receive the 2011 American College of Surgeons ACS/Pfizer, Inc Surgical Volunteerism Award for international outreach in recognition of his work improving health care delivery in Ethiopia. This was announced in the October 2011 edition of the Bulletin of the American College of Surgeons and the accompanying article details Dr. Tefera’s journey to the United States and his work in Ethiopia. He will be recognized at the annual Board of Governors’ dinner on October 25 and will speak about his work as part of a panel on surgical volunteerism on October 24 during the Clinical Congress in San Francisco.

Research Accomplishments

Dr. Caprice Greenberg received her transfer award from the NIH for her project “Institutional Variation in Surgical Care for Breast Cancer in US Community Hospitals.” The project involves the development of natural language processing software to improve electronic medical record data and analysis of institutional variation in surgical procedures for early breast cancer in US community hospitals. Remaining funds of $244K have been awarded to UW to complete the project in the upcoming year.

Dr. Becky Sippel and Dr. Herb Chen’s book titled “The Handbook of Endocrine Surgery” was published this month by World Scientific Publishing Company and includes contributions by Drs. Cliff Cho, Adam Brinkman, and Scott Pinchot. Dedicated to their mentors, the book is designed to be a practical and clinically relevant reference that can guide a surgeon through the work up and management of patients with surgical endocrine diseases.


Drs. Michael Bentz, David Dibbell, Delora Mount, and Carolyn Rogers (resident) and Lynn Russ from Plastic Surgery and Drs. Deb Rusy, Ben Walker, and Luke Stolzfus (resident) from Anesthesia spent a week operating in an underserved area of Nicaragua. The UW Division of Plastic Surgery and the Universidad Autonoma de Nicaragua, Unan-Leon have partnered in plastic surgery training for 12 years. This year two reporters traveled with the team. Look for their articles on international medical efforts in two upcoming Sunday editions of the Wisconsin State Journal.

Dr. Sharon Weber and MaryBeth Henry, NP and their families will participate as a part of Team LIVESTRONG in an event in Austin, Texas this weekend to honor their patient, Jodi Brown, who died of pancreatic cancer in February 2010. They will join the Brown family (spouse, children and grandparents) on Team Present Tense. LIVESTRONG inspires and empowers people affected by cancer and believes that unity is strength, knowledge is power, and attitude is everything.