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Archive: Weight loss surgery story featuring Dr. Michael Garren to air on WISC-TV Monday night

Not so long ago, Keith McCarter, a 29-year-old Iraq war veteran, thought he was out of options. During his time in the military he developed a heart condition that necessitated an LVAD (left ventricular assist device) to help pump blood in and out of his heart, and his doctors told him he would eventually need a heart transplant. But McCarter was severely overweight, which prevented him from getting a spot on a transplant list, and his LVAD made it difficult for him to exercise enough to lose weight. The traditional steps to health recovery were beyond his reach, until he met Dr. Michael Garren, a specialist in bariatric surgery and the medical director of the UW Health Medical and Surgical Weight Management Program.

You can get Keith McCarter’s full story and learn about his surgery and miraculous recovery on WISC-TV Channel 3 on Monday, September 22, during the 10 p.m. news broadcast.