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Archive: What have the Vascular faculty been up to lately?

Vascular surgeons Charles Acher, K. Craig Kent, William Turnipseed, and Jon Matsumura were invited faculty at the 34th Annual Northwestern Vascular Surgery Symposium in Chicago last weekend. Over 200 vascular surgeons were in attendance for the three-day meeting.

Earlier in December, Drs. Girma Tefera and Jon Matsumura taught a carotid stent certification course at UWHC for physicians across the Midwest. Surgeons and cardiologists observed live cases, worked on advanced simulators, and received tabletop and didactic training during the two-day event. Certification allows physicians to use these FDA-approved devices.

In other Vascular news, Dr. Bo Liu attended the AAMC’s Mid-career Women Faculty Development Leadership Conference last week. Dr. Liu participated in workshops focused on scientific writing, communication, management, career mapping, and networking.