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Histology services are open for business and are processing requests.

The UW Department of Surgery Histology Core facility, located at H4/733 in the Clinical Science Center, has been established as a resource for clinical and basic science researchers, to provide Histology services to investigators associated with the Department of Surgery. We look forward to extending our services to members of the University of Wisconsin and the local biotechnology community.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images of high-quality stained tissue sections produced by the Histology Core Service.

AE1 AE3 cytokeratin on prostate cancer 20x

AE1 AE3 cytokeratin on prostate cancer 40x

Factor 8 on human kidney 20x

Femoral-AntiGFP-40X merge

GLP1 on human colon 40x

Hu Mu 79 Insulin CD45 20x

Human lung H&E 10x

Human lung H&E 5x

Ki67 on tonsil 10x

Ki67 on tonsil 20x

Smooth muscle actin on frozen monkey kidney 20x

Smooth muscle actin on frozen monkey kidney 40x

hepatacyte specific antigen on liver 20x

kidney bx H&E 20x

kidney bx PAS 20x

kidney bx trichrome 10x

The objective of the Core is to provide high-quality stained tissue sections on microscope slides to support clinical and basic science research at our institution.

Our facility offers a broad range of high-quality histological and immunohistochemical services available on a fee-for-service basis to investigators. Services include tissue fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and coverslipping of paraffin or frozen tissue sections. Staining of tissue sections ranges from routine H&E’s (Hematoxylin-Eosin) Trichrome, Giemsa and PAS. In addition, special stains such as Von Kossa, PicroSirius Red, Elastic and others are available upon request.

Our Core offers immunohistochemical staining with a general selection of antibodies. In addition, our services can expand to complement your research in the creation of protocols that include antibodies for immunofluorescent or immnuperoxidase studies. In addition double/triple antibody staining services are available upon request. More than 24 optimized mouse and more than 75 optimized human/monkey/dog antibody staining protocols are available.

We also specialize in custom antibody staining optimized to fit your specific needs. Tutorials and equipment use are also available.

The Core is managed and operated by a highly experienced Histotechnologist with many years of experience in protocol development and optimization.

The facility is equipped with technological instrumentation including a Miles Scientific Tissue-Tek VIP Automated Tissue Processor, a manual staining series, a Fisher HistoCenter embedding station, Leitz microtome and Leica CM1900 cryostat.

We offer our clients:

  • Low-cost/high-quality preparation
  • Less than a one week turnaround time on routine biopsies
  • Nationwide service with FedEx shipping
  • Computerized monthly billing

IRB or IACUC approval is required for all services requiring the use of human or animal tissue, respectively. Service requests will NOT be processed without the necessary compliance information.

For more information, contact Sierra Raglin at or (608)262-8395.

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