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The Humanized Mouse Core of the University of Wisconsin-Madison provides investigators with a variety of humanized mouse models for their individual research needs. Our goal is to readily supply animals of high quality and consistency in order to facilitate cutting-edge research of the human immune response.

Under the guidance of Dr. William Burlingham, core personnel Dr. Matthew Brown and Ying Zhou provide a variety of animal models to investigators at competitive prices. Additionally, Drew Ronneburg of the UW-Madison Department of Surgery Histology Core Service provides immunohistochemistry services to the group.

The Humanized Mouse Core specializes in production of the current standard model in the field — the humanized immune mouse (HIM) model — a variation of the “BLT” mouse incorporating the engraftment of cryopreserved human thymus tissue and hematopoietic stem cells into the NOD/SCID/IL2γc null (NSG) mouse. Core personnel closely follow the research literature and also experimentally validate new iterations of humanized mouse models, including the incorporation of pediatric (non-fetal) tissues, validating novel animal strains and the use of pluripotent stem cell-derived tissues.

Custom orders and/or collaborations are possible to establish models tailored to investigators’ individual research needs. Please contact us for additional details. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System