Histology Core Service

The UW Department of Surgery Histology Core facility provides histology services to clinical and basic science researchers associated with the Department of Surgery. The objective of the Core is to provide high-quality stained tissue sections on microscope slides to support clinical and basic science research at our institution.


Our facility offers a broad range of high-quality histological services available on a fee-for-service basis to investigators. Services include tissue fixation, processing, embedding, sectioning, staining and coverslipping of paraffin or frozen tissue sections.


Our Core offers a variety of commonly used antibodies. In addition, our services can complement your research in the creation of protocols for new antibodies. Double/triple antibody staining services are available upon request. Please contact Histo Core for an updated list of available stains.

To order

To place an order, please visit our iLabs website. You will need to create an iLabs account to submit a request.


IRB or IACUC approval is required for all services requiring the use of human or animal tissue, respectively. Service requests will NOT be processed without the necessary compliance information.


View a PDF of our price list


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Where should I drop off/pick up my samples?

Histology samples can be dropped off and picked up from the Histo Core at H4/337 in the Clinical Sciences Center.

What time should I drop off/pick up samples?

Samples may be dropped off or picked up any time between 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. To ensure a smooth drop off or pick up, it is recommended to send an email to Sierra (raglin@surgery@wisc.edu) with your estimated time of arrival to ensure that someone is present in the lab when you arrive.

Where can I make a service request?

To make a request, please visit our iLabs website and fill out the form.

What should I do if I need help with iLabs?

If you need help with:

  • Creating an iLabs account (as a PI or lab member)
  • Requesting a service
  • Reserving equipment
  • Approving request to join a lab
  • And much more

Please visit the UW iLab Resource Center. You can also visit the Agilent iLab help site by clicking on the blue “HELP” button in the upper right hand corner of your iLabs home page. For further help, you can email the UW iLabs support team (support@ilab.wisc.edu) or the Agilent iLabs support team (ilab-support@agilent.com).

Contact Us

Sierra Raglin, HTL (ASCP)
(608) 262-8395

Susan Thibeault, PhD
Principal Investigator

Our iLabs website

600 Highland Ave
CSC, H4/337
Madison WI 53792

Insulin (green) / Oil Red O (red) on human pancreas.
Oil Red O on human pancreas.
H&E on human pancreas.
Insulin (green) / Glucagon (red) on human pancreas.