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Authors Kvach E, Desalegn D, Conniff J, Tefera G, Derbew M, Haq C
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Journal Ethiop. Med. J. Volume: Suppl 2 Pages: 9-16
Publish Date 2015 Jul
PubMed ID 26591278

Ethiopia faces a dire shortage of human resources to meet the health care needs of its population of more than 90 million people. The government has implemented programs to expand the health care workforce, of which women are a growing and crucial component. Universities are working to identify and address gender inequity to help recruit and retain women.This paper describes and analyzes a multi-institution grant-funded program to promote gender equity at Addis Ababa University-College of Health Sciences (AAU-CHS) in Ethiopia.The primary intervention was to provide intensive short-term fellowships to mid-level female faculty to facilitate their promotion into leadership positions. Secondary interventions included a series of gender equity meetings with students, residents and staff to elicit bottom-up concerns and recommendations for future action, as well as conducting a gender climate survey of female students and staff External consultants assisted with program implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the program.Initial outcomes demonstrate promising career advancement of women who participated in the fellowships. A comprehensive gender equity action plan was developed based upon results from the survey and meeting recommendations. This plan is being implemented by AAU-CHS faculty and administration.This program has been an initial success and may serve as a template for others who are working to promote gender equity. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System