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NIH, NIDCD, R01 DC014358 (Ciucci/Connor, Co-PI’s) 08/01/2015-07/31/2020
Influence of Neuromuscular Pathology on Parkinsonian Communication Deficits
The proposed research examines how muscles and nerves involved in communication and swallowing may be affected by Parkinson disease. Experiments will determine how pathologies in muscles and nerves contribute to communication and swallowing deficits and when in the disease process these deficits emerge. Further, this work will examine how exercise-based voice and swallow therapies prevent or reverse muscle and nerve pathologies using a novel genetic rat model.
Role: Co-Principal Investigator

NIH, NIDCD, R01 DC008149 (Connor, PI) 12/05/2006-06/30/2018
Lingual and Laryngeal Muscle Plasticity (Formerly, Aging, Exercise and Mechanisms of Altered Tongue Function)
The aims of this project are to quantify mechanisms of lingual and laryngeal muscle plasticity, microvascular geometry and red blood cell velocity with aging and exercise and to determine how aging and tongue exercise affect vocalization and deglutition behavior.
Role: Co-Investigator Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System