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Our Mission

To develop a cell therapy for the cure of diabetes that is widely available for all.

More About Us

Our laboratory is interested in islet cell transplantation and beta cell biology. Since the lab’s inception in 2003, we have created an environment that facilitates the interaction of a multi-disciplinary research team to promote and advance the scientific knowledge in the field of beta cell replacement and islet biology. In parallel, we have created a translational research environment in which basic scientists and clinicians work together toward a uniform goal: THE CURE FOR DIABETES.

We strongly believe that education and dissemination of knowledge are fundamental to achieve our ultimate goal, and we are strongly committed to providing training at different levels to national and international researchers in the field of islet biology.

It is our ultimate intention over the next decade to implement a network of national and international scholars in which a mutual interchange of knowledge and resources contributes to an accelerated pace in finding the cure for diabetes. Copyright © 2017 The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System