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[PubMed ID: 20193685, PMCID: 3371380]
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[PubMed ID: 19936848, PMCID: 2844077]
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[PubMed ID: 19727977, PMCID: 4822704]
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4. Ballian N, Mahvi DM, Kennedy GD. Colonoscopic findings and tumor site do not predict bowel obstruction during medical treatment of stage IV colorectal cancer. Oncologist 2009 Jun; 14(6):580-5.
[PubMed ID: 19465681]
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[PubMed ID: 19300230]
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[PubMed ID: 19228501]
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[PubMed ID: 18607550]
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[PubMed ID: 14603034, PMCID: 283581]
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