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1. Nabozny MJ, Kruser JM, Steffens NM, Brasel KJ, Campbell TC, Gaines ME, Schwarze ML. Constructing High-stakes Surgical Decisions: It’s Better to Die Trying. Ann. Surg. 2016 Jan; 263(1):64-70.
[PubMed ID: 25563878, PMCID: 4492901]
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2. Nabozny MJ, Steffens NM, Schwarze ML. When Do Not Resuscitate Is a Nonchoice Choice: A Teachable Moment. JAMA Intern Med 2015 Sep; 175(9):1444-5.
[PubMed ID: 26075795, PMCID: 4564305]
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3. Kruser JM, Nabozny MJ, Steffens NM, Brasel KJ, Campbell TC, Gaines ME, Schwarze ML. “Best Case/Worst Case”: Qualitative Evaluation of a Novel Communication Tool for Difficult in-the-Moment Surgical Decisions. J Am Geriatr Soc 2015 Sep; 63(9):1805-11.
[PubMed ID: 26280462, PMCID: 4747100]
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4. Kruser JM, Pecanac KE, Brasel KJ, Cooper Z, Steffens NM, McKneally MF, Schwarze ML. “And I think that we can fix it”: mental models used in high-risk surgical decision making. Ann. Surg. 2015 Apr; 261(4):678-84.
[PubMed ID: 25749396, PMCID: 4356019]
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5. Schwarze ML, Barnato AE, Rathouz PJ, Zhao Q, Neuman HB, Winslow ER, Kennedy GD, Hu YY, Dodgion CM, Kwok AC, Greenberg CC. Development of a list of high-risk operations for patients 65 years and older. JAMA Surg 2015 Apr; 150(4):325-31.
[PubMed ID: 25692282, PMCID: 4414395]
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6. Schwarze ML, Nabozny MJ. How people die in 2014. Ann. Surg. 2014 Dec; 260(6):958-9.
[PubMed ID: 25185477, PMCID: 4229420]
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7. Schwarze ML, Brasel KJ, Mosenthal AC. Beyond 30-day mortality: aligning surgical quality with outcomes that patients value. JAMA Surg 2014 Jul; 149(7):631-2.
[PubMed ID: 24897945, PMCID: 4295201]
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8. Pecanac KE, Kehler JM, Brasel KJ, Cooper Z, Steffens NM, McKneally MF, Schwarze ML.
It’s big surgery: preoperative expressions of risk, responsibility, and commitment to treatment after high-risk operations.
Ann. Surg.
2014 Mar; 259(3):458-63.

[PubMed ID: 24253139, PMCID: 3936655]

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9. Schwarze ML, Redmann AJ, Alexander GC, Brasel KJ.
Surgeons expect patients to buy-in to postoperative life support preoperatively: results of a national survey.
Crit. Care Med.
2013 Jan; 41(1):1-8.

[PubMed ID: 23222269, PMCID: 3624612]

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10. Paul Olson TJ, Brasel KJ, Redmann AJ, Alexander GC, Schwarze ML. Surgeon-reported conflict with intensivists about postoperative goals of care. JAMA Surg 2013 Jan; 148(1):29-35.
[PubMed ID: 23324837, PMCID: 3624604]
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11. Redmann AJ, Brasel KJ, Alexander CG, Schwarze ML. Use of advance directives for high-risk operations: a national survey of surgeons. Ann. Surg. 2012 Mar; 255(3):418-23.
[PubMed ID: 22167006]
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