Elisa Martin, MS

Health Services Research Specialist

Elisa Louise Marten, MS, is a research specialist in WiSOR with a background in human services, religious studies, and quantitative research. She completed her graduate degree at Azusa Pacific University in 2022 studying research psychology and data analysis. Her thesis investigated how suicide interventions decrease stigma toward suicide through experimental methods such as using a control group and experimental group, random assignment, and a double-blind design. Prior to her position at WiSOR, she worked at Rogers Memorial Hospital as a Residential Care Specialist. In this role, she provided behavioral health services to varying mental disorders including anxiety, depression, eating disorder, OCD, substance abuse, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ms. Marten is currently working with Dr. Courtney Balentine and Dr. Patrick Varly providing project management and research support for VA and UW-Madison studies involving papillary thyroid cancer, breast cancer, appendicitis, hernia, dialysis, and quality of care for veterans. She has experience analyzing data using a SPSS, SAS, and R.

(608) 265-9144