University of Wisconsin–Madison

Luis Hidalgo, PhD, D(ABHI)

Associate Professor

  • Histocompatibility Lab Director
  • Division of Transplantation
(608) 265-0428


  • PhD, Immunology, University of Alberta, 2005
  • Diplomate - American Board of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, 2012

Research Interests

The focus of my research laboratory aims at elucidating the various mechanisms used by the human immune system to damage transplanted organs with specific focus on antibody-mediated rejection (ABMR). The immunologic understanding of ABMR that we have thus far identified points to a limited number of players. These players include donor-specific antibodies (DSA) (primarily targeting HLA), endothelial cell targets, and NK cell and monocyte effector cells working in concert to maximize their damage.

The laboratory’s projects are therefore split into two principal areas: immune effector cells in ABMR, and endothelial cell biology. The immune effector projects have a strong focus on assessing immune function of NK cells and monocytes particularly as it relates to activation through their Fc-gamma receptors. Endothelial cell studies relate to endothelial susceptibility to immune damage in ABMR and regulation of HLA surface expression. Findings within either of these areas have clinical implications as all of our studies are based on human immunology using primary cells. Our ultimate goal is to identify donor and recipient characteristics that define immunologic risk beyond the limited characteristics currently used.

Recent Publications

    • Preformed Donor-specific Antibodies Against HLA Class II and Graft Outcomes in Deceased-donor Kidney Transplantation.
    • Uffing A, Hidalgo LG, McMullan C, Perry J, Milford EL, Murakami N, Yeung MY, Guleria I, Wood IG, Akalin E, Azzi J, Chandraker AK, Riella LV
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    • [PubMed ID: 31165081]
    • Archetype Analysis Identifies Distinct Profiles in Renal Transplant Recipients with Transplant Glomerulopathy Associated with Allograft Survival.
    • Aubert O, Higgins S, Bouatou Y, Yoo D, Raynaud M, Viglietti D, Rabant M, Hidalgo L, Glotz D, Legendre C, Delahousse M, Shah N, Sis B, Campbell P, Mengel M, Jouven X, Van Huyen JD, Lefaucheur C, Loupy A
    • J. Am. Soc. Nephrol. 2019 Apr; 30(4): 625-639
    • [PubMed ID: 30872323]
    • Autoimmune Thyroid Disease in Islet Transplant Recipients Discontinuing Immunosuppression Late After Lymphodepletion.
    • Dunn A, Lam A, Hidalgo L, Shapiro AMJ, Senior PA
    • J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab. 2019 Apr 01; 104(4): 1141-1147
    • [PubMed ID: 30398662]
    • Minimal data reporting standards for serological testing for histocompatibility.
    • Valenzuela NM, Askar M, Heidt S, Jindra P, Madbouly A, Pinelli D, Jackson A, Hidalgo LG
    • Hum. Immunol. 2018 Dec; 79(12): 865-868
    • [PubMed ID: 30125598]
    • Single-antigen Bead Assays to Define Unacceptable Antigen Mismatches?
    • Böhmig GA, Hidalgo LG
    • Transplantation 2018 06; 102(6): 894-895
    • [PubMed ID: 29438141]

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