Clinical Information


  • Adult Voice and Swallowing

Molly Knigge, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

Senior Clinical Speech Pathologist

ASHA Fellow
(608) 263-2681

MC 2400
MADISON, WI 53792-3284


  • Master of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1993

Clinical Specialties

Molly A. Knigge, MS, CCCSLPBCS-S, earned her master’s degree at University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1993. Since 1995, she has specialized in evaluation and treatment of swallowing disorders as well as laryngectomy rehabilitation. She was awarded board specialty recognition in swallowing (BCS-S) in 2009. Practice areas of interest include clinical application of high resolution manometry and instrumental biofeedback in treatment of oropharyngeal swallowing disorders. She currently serves as senior speech pathologist and manager of the Swallowing Service within the University of Wisconsin Voice and Swallow Clinics.

Certificates: American Speech Language Hearing Association Certificate of Clinical Competency; Board Recognized Specialist in Swallowing (BRSS); International Association of Laryngectomy (IAL) Speech Instructor
Licenses: Speech, Language Pathology